Field Maintenance & Repairs

We understand that our customers depend upon the reliability of their front-line equipment to provide cost effective information for diagnosis and analysis. To this end, we ensure that all malfunctions are rectified with speed and efficiency. To ensure this our highly trained Engineers are on call 7-days a week.

All planned preventative maintenance is carried out at specified intervals, and along with repairs, are carried out in accordance with the manufacturers specifications.

Maintenance & Repairs at our Facility

We also offer our maintenance & repair services from our repair centre.

Our repair centre is staffed by highly skilled and experienced Engineers, who work on a wide range of biomedical devices. Activities performed in the repair centre include preventative maintenance, repairs and pre-installation inspections.

Hardware & Software Upgrades
Hardware and software upgrades are essential as part of maintaining lifetime and efficacy of any product, but is particularly critical where biomedical devices are concerned. Such modifications may be required by a competent authority, or simply as part of a strategy of continuous improvement.

Delivery & Installation
Our skilled technicians can conduct a pre-installation survey, ensuring that the intended area is suitably sized and the correct services are in place, assuring that there are no nasty surprises on the big day. SAMO Medical can take delivery of the device, carry out acceptance testing and storing it until it’s convenient for the customer to have it installed. We will then install the device to manufacturers specification, performing all the necessary in situ testing.

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